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Last Updated:
19th September 2022

Credit Cards

MailMaint Web Order Form

This form is used to purchase a license for MailMaint, a simple POP3 Mailbox Maintenance application that supports multiple POP3 mailboxes, allowing headers to be accessed, messages to be read and deleted, and email to be sent and replied. Old headers are stored on the PC to minimise access time, but this application is not designed as an offline mail reader.

Existing licensees may request a new license key using this form if the original key is lost or mail server details are changed.

This order form is on a secure web server, and your browser should be indicating a closed padlock symbol to confirm this. Checking the security credentials will confirm this URL is secured for Magenta Systems Ltd. Please also note that your credit card number is encrypted on the server, and never saved or printed in unencrypted format.

Email Address
(required, please get it correct!!)
Full Name (required)
Name on
credit card
Company Name (optional)
Address 1 (required)
Address 2
Address 3
City/Town (required)
Post Code
Country (required)
Telephone (required for credit card confirmation)

In September 2022, 15 is about US$17 depending on the daily conversion rate used by your credit/debit card company from UK sterling to dollars.  In Europe, 15 is about 17 Euros.  VAT is only charged for UK and personal EU orders.  
Email Account Logon   (required)
(The user name for one of the accounts you have set-up in MailMaint, this name must exist for the Registration Licence Key to work)
Order Number

(For a New License Key for Existing Licensee only, the order number given when you purchased MailMaint
Payment Type

(No payment details are needed for New License Key for Existing Licensee)
Credit or debit card number
(the large numbers on the card)
MasterCard, VISA/Delta, American Express.
Expiry Date
(MM/YY, ie 12/25, credit/debit card users must complete this date)
Issuing Bank
(Not the card type,
(The name of the bank that issued the card, the issue country)
Security Code
(Mastercard/VISA, the 3 digit code printed at the end of the signature strip on the back of the card. Amex, the four digit code printed on the front above the embossed card number)
VAT Number
(if in Europe)

(not needed for UK companies, only other EU countries)
Debit Amount
I authorise the debit of my card for the amount (or cheque value)
(same as Category box above, required)

(It would be useful to know where you heard about MailMaint)


If you have trouble completing or submitting the form, please Email Magenta Systems to report a problem.

Cost in the UK must have VAT at 20% added. Companies in the European Union should quote their VAT number otherwise VAT must be charged at the rate for each different country.

Cheques should be made out to "Magenta Systems Ltd" and sent to
Magenta Systems Ltd, 9 Vincent Road, Croydon CR0 6ED, United Kingdom.

You may also complete this form with payment type as 'Cheque/Bank Transfer' and you will be sent a pro forma invoice.

Whether you pay by credit/debit card or cheque, you will receive a PDF tax invoice by email shortly after your payment is processed

Your Internet host details are automatically captured by this form for security purposes.

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