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9th October 2018 - Sorry, you now need to request a free file download password to access Delphi components.

2nd September 2010 - v1.4 tested with Delphi 2007, but no real changes, it just keeps working

Delphvar is a Pascal code generator for the Delphi programming language, designed to assist in the saving and restoring of component properties to and from both the registry and INI files.

Given a list of component types copied from the Interface section of form, Delphvar allows the specification of which component properties to process, and will then automatically create Pascal insert files containing the statements needed to read and write these properties. It will also write files to declare variables of similar name to the component properties and read and write from variables as well, and clear both component properties and variables.

Delphvar is a standalone Delphi program, supplied both as source and executable, so it totally independent of different versions of Delphi.

Delphvar is copyright by Magenta Systems Ltd, but may be used freely.

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