DESCryptX is an Active X control that allows you to create encrypted passwords using the Unix crypt algorithm. It’s intended use is for creating user name:password pairs for enabling access to Web pages via an .htaccess file.


The Active X control has been tested in Delphi, VB6 and Office 97/2000.



This is the string to be encrypted. The string must always be exactly 8 characters long. If it is longer, it will be truncated at 8 characters. If it is shorter, it will be padded with nulls.


This is a two character string that modifies the crypted output. CIX uses the first two characters of the user name as the Salt.


When the Execute method is called this contains the crypted string.




Encrypts the string in the Input property using the string in the Salt property as a “salt”. The encrypted string is returned in the Output property.


Returns True on success or False on error.

Known Problems/Limitations.

When the control is added to a VB form, you can initially set the size to anything that you wish, but not resize it afterwards. The control should be created with a fixed size. This problem will be corrected in the next version.

Example Programs.

Two example programs are provided, one written in Delphi and the other in VB6. The Active X control should work with all versions of Vb from version 4 onwards. The Delphi example also contains a compiled EXE, which you can use to test that DESCryptX is installed and registered properly.


You may use and distribute DESCryptX freely. However, the copyright remains with OS Systems Ltd.


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