DUN Manager
Two Step
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(only if ordering on
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Please do not use this
form if ordering for
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second form

DUN Manager
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(allows the Registration
form in DUN Manager
to be used with the
Secure Server for extra

DUN Manager
Cost and Registration

DUN Manager is shareware, developed by Magenta Systems Ltd, in the UK. DUN Manager may be evaluated for 30 days, but must be registered if usage is to continue. After 20 days, a nag screen will appear for a few seconds after each connection finishes as a reminder to register DUN Manager, and this must be cleared manually. After 30 days DUN Manager will terminate when each connection completes. Some days later, DUN Manager will cease to monitor calls.  Note the Service version of DUN Manager can only be used once registered.

DUN Manager Cost

There are various registration options.

Single Software License 40 excluding taxes, 48 including VAT at 20%.
Site Software License, 3 to 5 users 120 by phone, fax, post or secure server, excluding taxes
Site Software License, 6 to 10 users 240 by phone, fax, post or secure server, excluding taxes
Site Software License, 11 to 25 users 420 by phone, fax, post or secure server, excluding taxes
Site Software License, over 25 users 15 each by phone, fax, post or secure server, excluding taxes

All payments by credit card will be in UK sterling, but for purchases from outside the UK total will be converted back into your local currency at the appropriate rate.

In March 2017, 40 is about US$50 depending on the daily conversion rate used by your credit/debit card company from UK sterling to dollars. In Europe, 40 is about €48 (euro). Please beware exchange rates are volatile at the moment going up and down daily.  VAT is only charged for UK orders and some European orders.

A registered copy of DUN Manager may be used under multiple operating systems on the same PC, and on a home and portable PC provided that they are not generally used at the same time. and that the windows registration details are the same. Update Windows Registration Details may be used to standardise the details.

How to Register

DUN Manager is normally registered using the Registration Form built-in to the software itself. This may be accessed by right clicking the DUN Manager tray icon, then selecting About/Registration. Once completed, the form may be automatically emailed, saved to the clipboard to be emailed from your own email client or printed to be snail mailed (posted) or faxed.

If you are concerned about sending your credit card over the internet (even encrypted), please complete the the Registration Form built-in to the software itself for Phone, Fax, Post, Secure Server, then click the Secure Server button which will display a browser window and access the DUN Manager One Step Web Order Form with the form displayed so it is sent via the secure server.

The DUN Manager Two Step Web Order Form may be used where a copy of DUN Manager is being registered by a party other than the eventual end user of the software. The party completing the Web Order Form will receive a DUN Manager Purchase Order Code which should be passed on to the end user of the software. The end user then completes the Registration Form built-in to the software specifying the license option 'License Key for Purchase Order Code' and entering the supplied code. The end user will then receive a License Registration Key and Order Number by email which completes the registration.

License Registration Key

Once your DUN Manager registration is accepted, you will receive an email containing your License Registration Key and Order Number. This information is returned as both a small file (userreg.txt) and in the body of the email. The file should be copied into the same directory in which DUN Manager is installed, and will normally be loaded automatically into Preferences. Alternative, the license key may be copy/pasted from the email into Preferences.

All users will also receive a hard copy of the license key in the post, together with a VAT invoice and the credit card receipt (if appropriate).

Please note that the license key is based on your windows registration details. If you subsequently upgrade your PC or buy a new one, setting the same windows registration details will allow the license key to continue to work.

If your registration details are currently blank, meaningless (like Pre-Installed User) or otherwise incorrect, it is suggested that you use Update Windows Registration Details to change the registered windows user name to something meaningful, before registering DUN Manager, to avoid needing to request a new license key later.


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